The Official Newsletter of The Robins Pacers

  September 1999   Warner Robins, GA  

Race Results

Tar Baby 10K, June 5th

Mitch Sinyard 41:06
Mort Haddix 41:12 3
rd AG
Carl Perazzola 46:47
Joe Howard 47:59
Marv Champion 52:16
Caryl Deems 57:03
Johnny Westmoreland 57:55
Charlene Earles 1:01:05
Stephanie Kaigler 1:01:46
Marian Fraley 1:05:01
Raul Paniagua 1:11:31

Snellville Swat Trot 5K , June 12th

Mitch Sinyard 18:55

GA Peach Festival 5K
Ft. Valley - June 19

Mitch Sinyard 19:00
Carl Perazzola 21:33
Joe Howard 22:27
Glen McCardle 22:50
Marv Champion 24:12
Gary Kretsinger 24:31
Stephanie Kaigler 26:15 3
rd AG
Caryl Deems 26:39 3
rd AG
Charlene Earles 27:16 3
rd AG
Linda Whitaker 28:13 1
st AG
Marian Fraley 28:39

Jim Herrin Memorial Stampede 5K
August 21

Chuck Reeves Jr 19:38
Alice Smoot 21:00 1
st OV
Carl Perazzola 21:23 3
rd AG
Annette Swartz 28:32 2
nd AG

Jim Herrin Memorial Stampede 10K

Mitch Sinyard 38:37 1st AG
John Gates 41:03 1
st AG
Bill Stuart 42:18 2
nd AG
John Hunter 45:53
Joe Howard 47:51
Pat Morgan 50:41
Stephanie Kaigler 53:48 1
st Masters

Ham Slam 5K
Culloden - August 28th

Mitch Sinyard 19:04 1st AG
Caryl Deems 27:30
Marv Champion 34:17

(Marv ran this race with an injured foot. How's that for dedication!!!)

Upcoming Races

Sept 6th Macon Labor Day 5K/10K
Sept 18
th - Barnesville Buggython 5K/10K (application attached)
Sept 25
th - Dublin Lion's Run for Sight 5K/12K (application attached)
Sept 25
th - Plains - Peanut Festival 5K (912) 924-4011
Oct 2
nd - Vienna Hog Jog 5K (application attached)
Oct 16
th - Peachtree City Classic 5K/15K (application attached)

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Jim Herrin 4th Annual

Memorial Stampede

A message from Race Director Charlene Earles:

"I would like to thank the race committee for a job well done. Everyone knew their job and did it. The race went off very smoothly. There were only good comments from the runners. They all seemed to like the new course and enjoyed the abundance of food we had.

Not only was it a very good race, but it was a very profitable race too. We raised $2500 from sponsorship donations and took in approximately that much from race registration. Additional tee shirts have been ordered for the runners that registered race day.

Thanks for a job well done!"

Pacer September Birthdays

2nd Patrick Morgan
th Joyce Hall
th Mitch Sinyard

Our next meeting will be September 7th at 7 pm at the Houston Health Pavilion. Please join us!