Running Video Games – A List of Games Runners Should Play

We all love video games to an extent. Some people hate them, but you cannot please everyone. For those who love video games, there is always something new to try, or something old to get back to. Some video games are better than others, in the sense that they have better gameplay or graphics, or both. 

Even casinos and sportsbooks have video games, often enticing new customers with bonuses like this virgin bet bonus. Everybody makes video games, for almost all genres and even sports.

What about running? Yes, there are running games and the following is a list of the best ones.

Temple Run

This is one of the original running games, or rather, an endless running game. The objective of this game is to run as much as you can, without ever losing all your health. You can replenish your health in certain ways and you have to collect various things on the go to increase your score. There are many people playing Temple Run and similar games, trying to get the highest score. Some of them are near impossible to repeat.

Jetpack Joyride

People who play this game will notice things similar to some platformers of old, namely Metal Slug. That tank surely looks quite familiar… That is because it is and because it is literally copied from Metal Slug. Given that the game is still online and is winning multiple awards and is an Editor’s Choice, it gets a plus here, as well. Shoot, fly dodge and enjoy a game like the ones from the 90s. Some will relive their childhood memories in a new game while newcomers will experience something with its roots in the way back when in the video game world.

Sonic Dash

Who doesn’t love Sonic the Hedgehog except Doctor Eggman? SEGA’s mascot is back once more and this time in an endless runner of its own. Join Sonic and his friends while you traverse somewhat familiar landscapes and try to collect rings and dodge shady robots and creatures set in your way to stop you.

Maybe collect those emeralds while you’re at it, too?

Into the Dead 2

Everyone loves a zombie apocalypse, except maybe zombies, they are the ones getting shot at, after all. In this game, you get to run and shoot and even have a canine companion. This is the best of both worlds, as you channel your inner Rick Grimes and blast some zombies with your trusty revolver.

These are some of the best running video games out there, without mentioning oldies like Konami ‘88, a Track & Field masterpiece. If these games don’t inspire you to get your running shoes out, no game will.