Workout Drills for Improving Your Running Form

Running is a wonderful sport, hobby, morning exercise, or activity in general, and should you ever decide to take up running, rest assured you have made a step in the right direction. However, if you wish to improve and continue to see positive results it will require commitment. Just like  Bookmaker Registration Codes, help those who love chance games enjoy them more, workout on top of running will help you enjoy running even more. In other words, you will need to do some drills or exercises to help you improve your form. Here we will go over some of the basic drills that will help you achieve better running form. 

Side-to-Side Skip

This one is easy, all you need to do is make sure your shoulders are wide apart, start side-to-side skip, and in front of your body, your arms should cross over one another. This is a good drill for your leg muscles and for frontal body muscles. Considering how our torso and core play a huge part in stabilizing our body while we run, this drill will definitely come in handy.   


For your next drill, you will want to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes, given that these are the main active movers during running exercise. So, just skip with your knees high, one leg at a time, and make sure that when you bring your leg down you finish with a little pawing motion. This motion is there to ensure running propulsion becomes etched into your muscle memory. Once it becomes second nature to you, it will be a lot easier to work on your cadence and avoid over-striding during your run.   


B-skip is kind of a logical next step, as it is very similar to A-skip. The main difference is that you will stretch your hamstring during a B-skip and emphasize the backward foot landing or pawing motion even further. Then make sure you mix it up and do both A and B skips. Furthermore, remember to rely on arm motion during these drills, just as you would during running. Your shoulders need to be relaxed and your pace will set the rhythm that your arms need to follow in order to bring more stability to your body. 

Carioca, or Grapevine

You can also do this exercise before the A-skip if you want, so long as it comes after the side-to-side skip. Carioca also requires you to move sideways, however, you need to put one leg over the other, the drill is useful for bolstering secondary running muscles. 

Butt Kicks

You can do butt kicks after A/B skip or at the end of your drills. The exercise is used to once again improve glutes and hamstrings. 


Finally, ankling will help establish a sense of proper spring and loading during your runs. All you have to do is start from your toe, and push the foot down. The heel needs to barely touch the ground, at which point you repeat the motion.