Using VR as a Treadmill — Is It Possible?

For decades, playing video games was only achievable by using joystick controllers or a keyboard and a mouse. Video games were displayed exclusively on screens, such as the screen of an arcade machine, a television set, or a computer screen.

However, with the introduction of virtual reality headsets, the whole concept of playing video games changed. With VR, we are now able to place ourselves inside the game, something that was almost unimaginable only a few years back.

Moreover, using virtual reality was also found useful for many other activities.

People can now watch live sports or music concerts from the comfort of their own home, but with the notion that they are right there at the event. So if you have used your William Hill promo code to bet on your favourite team, you can find yourself in the middle of the action and see how your team is doing.

But the VR technology opened up many more opportunities as well. It also tickled the mind of joggers who asked themselves: “can VR help us have more fun while running?”.

Can Joggers Use VR?

The short answer is no. While you’re jogging outdoors, you won’t be able to use a VR headset because it won’t be able to display your surroundings. 

Some VR headsets already run on batteries and are powered by Bluetooth technology. This means that they can run on some modern mobile devices, so it is possible to use them outdoors. 

Still, there’s an issue with displaying your enclosure as VR headsets make your eyes look at a display, but they are not transparent and they do not use any cameras. Unless you want to fall down and hurt yourself, using a VR headset while jogging is not advisable.

VR on a Treadmill

Unlike jogging, using a VR headset is more possible when on a treadmill at home. Since you will be running in place, there are no unexpected obstacles that you can run into.

Running on a treadmill can be pretty monotonous and boring, so spicing things up with a virtual reality projection is not a bad idea.

However, at the moment, there aren’t any games that are specifically designed for running on a treadmill. Instead, running VR games are just a simulation of running. You will only be required to imitate the motions of a run without actually moving in any direction. Still, these games can definitely help you break a sweat.

In this next paragraph, we will name some of the best games you can try out.

Best Running Games on VR

Combining fun and exercise, Sprint Vector is one of the most popular running games on VR at the moment. By pumping your arms, extending them like you’re flying, and even imitating climbing motions, you will burn a lot of calories while also competing with friends.

If you’re more into adventure-type of games where you get to fight mythical enemies and level up, you should try The Path of Greatest Resistance. You can walk, run, and move your arms to use weapons. Although you can play while seated as well, there’s plenty of potential exercise in this great game.

You might also check out Hot Runback — a sports VR game like no other where you run through the streets collecting coins and throwing footballs at enemies.