Top 5 Running Trails in the World

Running is so much more than just a simple exercise method. It is a way to activate your entire body and keep it healthy. Adding to this noble mission is the setting in which you do it. Sometimes running can be grueling and, depending on the intensity and your fitness, even exhausting, but being in the right place can be a game-changer, just like a bet365 nj bonus code can be a game-changer in the world of online gaming.

Any natural setting with fresh air is a perfect choice. You will get a lot of that much-needed oxygen into your lungs and use it to fuel your muscles. However, not all running trails are the same — be them in nature or otherwise. 

This article will show you the top 5 running trails in the world every jogging buff out there should visit for the best running experience.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

A bucolic scenery decorated with a castle in the middle of the land seems to belong to the world of fairy tales rather than reality, but this is precisely what you get when running around Lake Bled in Slovenia. 

This small lake has an island in the middle and a church accessible only by boat. The flat surrounding area offers a tree-lined lakeshore with beaches and waterfront restaurants where you can recharge your batteries. The entire loop is around 3 to 7 km long, and if you are looking for a more challenging track, you can always head up the surrounding hills and test your physique. 

The Dolomites, Italy

The Italian Dolomites mountain peaks are piercing the sky and offer some of the world’s best running trails. There is an entire system of trails and service huts where you can enjoy food and even shelters for the night. The 87 kilometers long Alta Via One is one of the longest trails that offers breathtaking views thanks to the 6,000 meters of ground elevation. It’s definitely reserved for the more experienced runners who are not afraid of rugged trails, but with these service huts scattered around the path, you can feel safe and explore the terrain freely. 

Laugavegur, Iceland

Iceland is an island country famous for its glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs and stunning landscape. The Icelanders are in turn remarkable for their love of sport and incredible strength which they have proved on so many occasions. One of the most impressive running trails in Iceland is a 55 km long trail of Laugavegur. This route will lead you across plains, gorges, and hills, as well as across volcanic wasteland at Landmannalaugar.

Bosque Trail in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Bosque Trail in Albuquerque is a paved path in a lush river valley that runs across New Mexico’s biggest city. With cottonwood trees and the Sandia Mountains to the east, Bosque Trail is a flat trail that allows you to sink in the majestic nature and experience a variety of colors from the abundant plant life. 

Inca Trail, Peru

The mysterious life of South America’s ancient tribes is beautifully displayed on the Inca Trail in Peru. This 43 km long trail combines mountain scenery with forests and jungles where the ruins of the Inca lie. Running down this gorgeous yet demanding path will help you learn more about the culture of Peru and its people, with the crown jewel being Machu Picchu, Inca’s citadel with sophisticated dry walls that consist of huge blocks joined together without mortar. No one knows for sure how it was built and what was its use.