These Are the Top 5 Most Significant Running Events in the World

There are hundreds of running events all over the globe where both professional athletes and recreational runners can test their skills.

These running events can take place for various reasons. The professional events for the athletes to compete against their colleagues and earn money, and the regular people to have fun using Ladbrokes bonus offer.

However, some running events are more about challenging oneself than challenging others, and they are often open to recreational runners. Sometimes, people just want to make personal records that they can be proud of. For some of them, even running a 100-meter event is a success. Many of these events are often connected to various charities, meaning that runners contribute to the underprivileged with their effort.

Nevertheless, some of these events are simply bigger in size than others, meaning there are many people who take part in them. These are, by default, open to recreational runners. Let’s take a look!

New York Marathon

The New York City Marathon is the biggest running event in the world, featuring approximately 50,000 or more runners every year. They must run for 26.2 miles and pass through five major parts of New York. This marathon is so popular since it is located on the bucket list of many people. Not everyone makes it to the end, though!

Chicago Marathon

The marathon in Chicago is just a bit smaller compared to the one in New York, as approximately 40,000 people apply every year. Furthermore, Chicago also includes millions of spectators who want to follow this spectacular event throughout the city and cheer for their favorite runners (who are often their family members and good friends).

Paris Marathon

The next big race takes place in Paris, with about 38,000 runners applying for it every year. The so-called Paris International Marathon is very popular in Europe, and runners get to pass by some of the prominent landmarks in the city. The starting point is Champs-Elysees, and the ending point is Foch Avenue.

London Marathon

The London Marathon is almost as big as the one in Paris, as it features approximately 35,000 runners every year. The first marathon of this kind took place back in 1981, and it has been held every year since then. It usually happens during the springtime, with runners enjoying beautiful London architecture as they run past it.

Tokyo Marathon

The Tokyo Marathon is the biggest running event in Japan, with 35,000 participants giving it a go every year. It is slightly younger compared to other marathons as the first race took place back in 2007. The race grew very popular in a very short period of time and today it is one of the most significant events of that type in the world.


As you can see, hundreds of thousands of people around the world apply for marathon races, and millions more enjoy watching them. If you want to test your running skills, make sure to apply for one of these marathons! However, you need to prepare well first!