Is Jogging Possible on the Las Vegas Strip?

Visiting Las Vegas can be as challenging as it is exciting. The never-ending fun and thrill that come from hotels and casinos are what most visitors are here for, but that doesn’t mean they need to suspend their daily activities and dedicate their time to solely playing casino games. 

Many people wish to continue with their schedule and routines, for example, their jogging routine, watching their favorite sports or participating in the Preakness stakes betting if they’re a fan of horse racing. The best hotels and accommodation services are offered at the Strip and its vicinity, where around 40 million visitors are accommodated in more than 150 thousand rooms available. This location is a bit challenging when it comes to your jogging routine as it is the main street and the jugular of Vegas, so you can expect it to be crowded most of the time. 

However, it is precisely what makes it a unique place to run. It does sound a bit hectic, but it is still doable, and this article is going to show you how to do it. Read on!  

Choose the Right Time to Run

One of the most important things you need to consider before opting for a run down the Strip is the time of day you do it. Las Vegas is pretty busy all the time, and the traffic in the city is not exactly pedestrian-friendly. There are a lot of cars in the streets, and in the evening, when the heat dies out and the nightlife begins, you can expect a lot of crowd on pedestrian crossings as well. 

Also, there are not so many pedestrian crossings down the Strip, which means you need to go up the high stairways to cross the cars from above. These pedestrian crossings might even end abruptly, like the one that leads to the Bellagio, so bear in mind that you would need to go through actual casino floors on your jogging routine. 

Therefore, we can safely conclude that the best time to go jogging down the Strip is very early in the morning, preferably before 8 AM. There are no crowds, except for the intoxicated passers-by coming from a night out. The traffic is not congested, so you can move around more freely and inhale fewer fumes from the engines. 

Finally, the heat is still bearable early in the morning, so, while you are experiencing a different kind of Vegas, it helps to know you won’t burn out your lungs. 

Choose the Best Route

Choosing the best route for a run down the Strip is essential. Going north from the MGM is a good start as all the major casinos are on the south side, so you can avoid them at first and get back to them once you have reached the end of the street and made a turn on the other side.