How to Find Motivation When You Don’t Feel Like Running

Some people are consistent and they can take days off and still get back into form, no matter what they are doing, whether a sport or something like playing an instrument. But not everybody is like that. Some people cannot find the willpower to pull through when they lack the motivation.

Running is one of those sports which you can do alone and can always track and break personal records. For avid runners, it is pretty annoying when they cannot find the motivation to go out and run. Breaking that slump takes effort and with a couple of tips, it can become easier.

Motivation is a Fickle Mistress – Discipline First

Motivation is based on emotions, which come and go. If you feel like beating somebody up because they were rude to you in the supermarket, you wouldn’t really do that, right? Just like you wouldn’t act on any impulse and emotion, you should be aware that with any sports, there are plenty of ups and downs.

Running is not different. If you are looking to progress and are already at an intermediate level, then you would need to rethink your schedule and nutrition.

Contacting a coach to perhaps make your workouts better is advised. Success should not be the driving factor, but rather the process itself. Running can be a joy on its own, and for most avid runners, it is.

With enough discipline, to go out on a regular basis and run, no matter how long and with even the lowest intensity, can one teach oneself to be consistent, regardless of the circumstances. One can always lean on discipline in such times.

Focusing on Running – The Moment Versus the Goal

Unless sprinting is the running in question, which should not be assumed, running often implies medium to long-distance running, meaning anything above five kilometers, up to forty. Everything in that area, whether recreational or professional, takes a certain amount of time.

That means that the process is long enough for you to be able to dwell in it, enjoy it. Most runners have a goal, setting a personal record, or getting in shape. Running is best enjoyed for the sake of running. It is a special experience, which is very akin to mediation. While running, the beating of your feet, as well as the breath, give quite an anchor, on which one can always lean on, when they start thinking about quitting. This also works prior to going on a run. 

Call a Friend – Friends Help

If everything else fails, you can always contact a friend. Setting up a regular running schedule with someone will help you be consistent. Friends help just by being there, whether to give you that small push or to help you bounce back when working out and losing your will to continue. 

Running, just like most sports, requires you to be consistent and to apply effort over a period of time. When you don’t feel like working out and it is for reasons other than medical conditions, one should always find discipline, joy, or friends to help them get back to running.