Fitness & Technology: How Will Running Look Like in the Future

If you need a more logical explanation for why we should be running regularly, then you should know that it has many health benefits. Some of those benefits include boosting the immune system, cleansing the lungs, strengthening the muscles and diaphragm, and regulating blood pressure. Not to mention that it is great for losing excess weight. 

When someone talks about being fit, getting in shape, and exercising, most of us start thinking about running. And it is completely logical as it is an activity that comes completely natural to a human being. Even if the majority of adults and adolescents don’t like running, and would probably prefer to play casino games with a Bet9ja Promotion Code, they should remember that it used to be one of our favourite childhood activities. 

And just as the running we used to perceive in our childhood changed, there is no doubt that it will keep on changing – especially with all the technological advancements. So, let’s see what kind of tech might change the future of running.

AR and VR Glasses

Artificial intelligence is the future of all technology, and it is not hard to imagine that it will be integrated into the fitness world. With the help of augmented reality glasses, running could look completely different. Running in a virtual world might seem a bit too futuristic, but it could be what’s coming. In such virtual reality, one could compete or run together with other people. 

Even if the user prefers seeing the real world, the possibilities of such glasses are endless. They could display valuable information to the runner and show virtual elements. 

Digital Races and Marathons

Those who enjoy running marathons often fail to participate if the event is held too far from their residing place. Add to that a job, family obligations, tight schedules and you probably end up not showing up. This is why participating in a digital race could bring these events straight to runners, at almost any location. The players can compete with a great number of contestants from all around the world. Moreover, the concept of virtual races created a few years ago, but it is definitely something that will be perfected in the future. 

Valuable fitness and health data collection

When it comes to data collection it is essential for health as well as fitness progress. In other words, if you are running you would want to know all the useful information that could guide you to do this right. This is why many companies have been designing and manufacturing different kinds of fitness gadgets that could make the running experience a lot better. 

Bands, belts, and other fitness devices are very useful and they collect data of paramount importance to the runner. Some of the data include distance covered, heart rate, calories spent, number of steps, and so on. Understanding your fitness levels and current health condition is important, especially if you have some health concerns. 

It is certain that some similar technology, with who knows what kind of improvements, will be accessible to runners in the future. Some researchers are trying to create tech that could follow the runner’s progress, his distractions, and even remind them of their performance goals.