Finest Running Wearable Tech 2020

Strictly speaking, you don’t need fancy equipment when you go running. Even a pair of running shoes are not needed, per se, but they do make running more comfortable, enjoyable, and healthier. So, it is no surprise that we always strive to improve our running experience and that’s where the gadgets and wearable tech come in. Here are some of the finest pieces of tech a runner can get their hands on in 2020.

TABIGER 2-Pack LED Shoe Clip

While some enjoy running in the morning, this pair of shoe clips are designed for those that like to exercise at night. Powered by batteries and water-resistant, the TABIGER 2-Pack LED Shoe Clip helps you stay safe on the road by not only allowing you to see where you are going but also to notify those around you that you are there. Safety should be the top priority to runners and it can be improved for a price of under $10. The company also makes glowing armbands.

Soul Blade Earphones

Soul Electronics presents Blade earphones. “Big deal”, you might say, “there are many companies that make wireless earphones”. Ah, but these don’t simply play music to keep your mind occupied and pump you up while you are running. They come with sensors that track your heart rate and general pace, as well as your posture, and give you coaching tips. 

Imagine having a coach giving you a plan and correcting your mistakes while you are running. The earphones also have transparent audio, meaning that they don’t block out ambient noise, which is really important to know when a car is approaching you from behind, for example. They are still not available for sale, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Garmin Forerunner 245

A fitness watch that gives you the run-down of your latest run that is comfortable on your wrist is a rarity indeed. Paired with the fact that it can track other fitness activities, like yoga, cycling, and swimming, it seems that there are very few watches out there that can compete with it. It has an amazing battery life and can track your oxygen saturation. It’s also a bit old school. It doesn’t have a touch screen and its casing is plastic, so if you are a runner with a bit of nostalgia, Forerunner 245 is the watch for you. For about $50 more from its original price, you can have music, as well.

Zwift RunPod

Do you have trouble getting started with your running? Do you need a bit of gamification in your life to ensure that your daily dose of fitness remains regular? You can attach Zwift RunPod to your sneakers and it will measure your pace and speed. Here is where it gets interesting. Paired with your phone, you can create an avatar and complete challenges. It’s a good way to track your progress over time. Zwift is already known for gamifying serious workouts. At the time of writing, the price of Zwift RunPod stands at about $40.